Market average pairs

For all pair of currencies traded by five or more exchanges tracked on CryptFolio, we automatically calculate the market average (mean) for each currency pair.

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First Currency Second Currency Latest Rate Updated At
RDN BTC 40.34e-6 BTC 3 mins ago
ARN BTC 51.77e-6 BTC 3 mins ago
CND USD 0.017507 USD 3 mins ago
CND BTC 1.96e-6 BTC 3 mins ago
BCD BTC 139.50e-6 BTC 3 mins ago
LEND BTC 1.16e-6 BTC 3 mins ago
DENT BTC 200.00e-9 BTC 3 mins ago
R BTC 12.29e-6 BTC 3 mins ago
NET BTC 123.15e-6 BTC 3 mins ago
ELF USD 0.2020 USD 3 mins ago
ELF BTC 22.18e-6 BTC 2 mins ago
NEBL BTC 133.56e-6 BTC 2 mins ago
BRD BTC 46.90e-6 BTC 2 mins ago
HST BTC 6.70e-6 BTC 2 mins ago
POLL BTC 8.63e-6 BTC 1 week ago
BCN BTC 138.00e-9 BTC 2 mins ago
STORM BTC 359.00e-9 BTC 2 mins ago
XTZ USD 1.2380 USD 2 mins ago
XTZ BTC 136.20e-6 BTC 2 mins ago
ETN BTC 639.00e-9 BTC 2 mins ago
WAX USD 0.1054 USD 2 mins ago
WAX BTC 11.16e-6 BTC 2 mins ago
WAX ETH 377.14e-6 ETH 2 mins ago
KEY BTC 356.00e-9 BTC 2 mins ago
UTK USD 0.047164 USD 2 mins ago