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Most Popular Currencies

Name Code Type
BTC Bitcoin BTC Cryptocurrency
USD United States dollar USD Fiat
ETH Ethereum ETH Cryptocurrency
GBP British pound GBP Fiat
EUR Euro EUR Fiat
AUD Australian dollar AUD Fiat
CAD Canadian dollar CAD Fiat
CNY Chinese yuan CNY Fiat
DOGE Dogecoin DOGE Cryptocurrency
HKD Hong Kong dollar HKD Fiat
JPY Japanese yen JPY Fiat
ADA Cardano ADA Cryptocurrency
BCH Bitcoin Cash BCH Cryptocurrency
CHF Swiss franc CHF Fiat
DASH Dash DASH Cryptocurrency
ETC Ethereum Classic ETC Cryptocurrency
IOTA IOTA IOTA Cryptocurrency
LTC Litecoin LTC Cryptocurrency
NZD New Zealand dollar NZD Fiat
THB Thai baht THB Fiat
XLM Stellar XLM Cryptocurrency
BLK BlackCoin BLK Cryptocurrency
FTC Feathercoin FTC Cryptocurrency
NMC Namecoin NMC Cryptocurrency
PPC Peercoin PPC Cryptocurrency
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