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Fast setup.

There are thousands of currencies, Ethereum tokens, wallets and financial services.

CryptFolio provides one interface to track all of your crypto assets, allowing you to focus on your portfolio, and your financial strategy.



We take the security of your personal information very seriously. Your data is stored at SOC 2 facilities, and we follow industry best practices to secure your data.

CryptFolio strictly uses read-only credentials, and never discloses secret keys. By design, you should never be exposed to financial loss through our services.

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Stay informed.

Want to be notified when the Bitcoin market jumps? What about an incoming Litecoin payment, or an Ethereum token transfer?

With CryptFolio, you can customise the reports and notifications to your personal preferences, to only get the updates you care about.


Easy to use.

The new CryptFolio has been designed from the ground up with User Experience and mobile devices in mind.

With an intuitive and easy-to-understand interface, you'll be able to get started with your new CryptFolio in minutes.

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2,597+ currencies supported.

CryptFolio automatically picks up new currencies and tokens as they are released.

Cryptocurrencies supported 1,787
Fiat currencies supported 160
Ethereum tokens supported 438
As at: 20 September 2018

21+ wallets supported.

We support all of the major exchanges, wallets, and mining pools – with more being added all the time.

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Private API.

Gain programmatic access to your portfolios and historical data with our powerful and secure API.

App developers can also connect to your portfolio, enhancing your portfolio with insights and advice – you're always in control.

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