Cryptocurrency Tax Reporting

CryptFolio® is a powerful web-based platform for managing and tracking cryptocurrency portfolios. As an investor, trader, or business accepting cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, satisfying your tax reporting requirements in such a rapidly changing environment can be overwhelming.

CryptFolio has been designed from the ground up to support the specific requirements and complexities of tracking and reporting on thousands of cryptocurrencies, helping you (and your accountant) complete your tax reports and returns, such as GST, VAT, IR3, IR4, and others.

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Screenshot showing the CryptFolio wizard interface to add new accounts, such as new exchange wallets, addresses, and mining pools.

Track all of your assets

CryptFolio provides you with a single platform to track and manage all of your cryptocurrency assets – including your exchange wallets, cryptocurrency addresses, and mining pool accounts.

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Thousands of currencies

We maintain detailed historical exchange rates for thousands of exchange pairs since 2011, and can combine these exchange pairs into composite rates for almost any pair of currencies.

CryptFolio also automatically picks up new currencies and tokens as they are released, allowing us to support any altcoin portfolio.

Screenshot showing technical information available for the Bitcoin/US Dollar exchange pair on Bitstamp, including a candlestick chart, and the open/high/low/close prices for that exchange pair.
Screenshot showing the CryptFolio FIFO reporting options interface. You can change the displayed period and end date of any inventory report.

Inventory reports using FIFO

Many states consider cryptocurrency to be a kind of inventory asset, requiring the use of inventory reporting. CryptFolio is built from the ground up to support the specific needs of cryptocurrency inventory.

First-in first-out (FIFO) reports can calculate your purchases, sales, and your realised and unrealised gains for any period and currency.

Coming soon: LIFO and weighted average report options.

Export to CSV and PDF

Each inventory report can be exported into a number of different formats, depending on your reporting or regulatory needs.

You can also export all of your transactions as CSV into a single, standard format.

Download a sample FIFO report

Screenshot of the first page of a sample FIFO report, as exported to PDF by CryptFolio. The FIFO report is showing the dates covered in the report, and a list of purchases (inventory) in the report period.
Screenshot showing the exported CSV file of the transactions from a Bitstamp account, imported into Excel.

Built for accountants

Our tax reporting tools have been built with the user experience of accountants in mind. Insert manual transactions or valuations, link transactions together, export/import CSV files, and add comments – all from a single interface.

Coming soon: Account grouping, account labelling, and custom transaction types.

Integrate with existing tools

Every person and business has different financial and reporting needs. You may already have existing accounting packages or relationships with financial advisors.

CryptFolio is not designed to replace your existing workflow, but rather enhance it – acting as a bridge between the cryptocurrency world and the fiat world.

Coming soon: Direct integration with third-party accounting software, such as Xero or Quickbooks.

A stock image of a person holding an Android smartphone near a computer, newspaper, calculator and invoices.

Need More?

Depending on your requirements, we can also help you with:

Custom look and feel

If you manage the cryptocurrency funds of others, check out our tools for fund managers.

Tax reporting API

Gain programmatic access to your transactions, reports, and historical exchange rate data with our API.


We run regular training programs to help you and your staff learn more about new features and connect with others in the cryptocurrency accounting community.

Deploy on your own servers

Host the platform on your own servers, to satisfy local privacy, compliance or regulatory requirements, or to maintain control over your users' data.

Consulting services

With our experience and expertise in cryptocurrency and blockchain since 2013, our consultancy services can help your business understand this rapidly changing space.

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