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15 February: Email improvements

You can now change your primary email address on Your Profile.

We've also added a spiffy template to all of our emails, with more information about why you're receiving each email, and how to modify your messaging preferences:

14 February: Kraken and Cryptopia

Today we have added support for Kraken wallets. You can add your Kraken wallet by creating an API key and adding it to your portfolio.

We also now track all 47 currency pairs supported by Kraken, and all 1676 (and counting) currency pairs supported by Cryptopia. New assets on both exchanges will automatically be picked up by CryptFolio.

13 February: Updated Getting Started wizard

Thanks to the amazing feedback from our user testing group, we've tweaked the Getting Started wizard to help new users get setup faster.

Rather than suggesting all users start by adding a fixed amount, and hiding the account/API functionality behind the Configure Portfolio interface, we now allow you to add addresses and accounts directly as part of the signup process:

This uses the same form as the Configure Portfolio page, but you can go through the wizard again if you'd like.