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22 June: Cleaner and clearer status for background tasks

When importing lots (hundreds+) of addresses or accounts into your portfolio, it can take some time for all of your reports to be updated.

Today we have improved the background loading interface. Now, when an account or chart is being updated in the background, the chart will be fully accessible with any existing data, and display a little loading spinner in the bottom left:

If you mouse over or click on the spinner, you will see more detail about what account is being updated, how many accounts have to be updated, and also how long you can expect to wait for the update to complete.

12 June: Deprecated exchanges

Today we have released an update that now allows us to define old historical exchanges as deprecated, meaning that the exchange rates from this exchange will not be used for updating the latest market average rates, and should not be used when calculating composite rates.

You can browse the deprecated exchanges on the Exchanges list.

12 June: Manual account transaction valuations

Today we have released an update allowing you to manually specify a valuation for a transaction. If you know the value of a purchase or sale, then you can specify this valuation by editing the transaction directly.

If a transaction has a manual valuation and a corresponding type, then this valuation will be used in all of your inventory reports, rather than a calculated composite rate for each date, but otherwise work identically to other your other transactions.

7 June: Configurable periods for FIFO reports

Today we have released some improvements to our FIFO reporting tools.

You are now able to select a period for each FIFO report, allowing you to generate a report for any financial year or reporting period. The layout of each report has also been improved. Note that only paid users can access more than 12 months of historical tax reports.

You can also now access your balances from the top bar by clicking on your balances count. This is a count of all the currencies in your account (including zero balances).

Finally, you will now only see an inventory warning symbol if your inventory does not equal your balance. If this is the case, then it's very likely that you are missing some transactions to correctly account for your inventory.

To access these updated FIFO reporting tools, click on the Balances link on one of your portfolios, or check out our tax reporting guide.

7 June: Download charts as CSV

You can now download a CSV file of any of the charts in your portfolio that are in a table format, allowing you to import this data into other applications. Simply select the Gear icon and click on Download CSV.