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15 August: Direct support for paid users

Today we've released a small improvement allowing paid users to directly request support while logged into Paid users have access to direct email support, eight hours a day, five days a week.

Simply select Get Support when logged into your account, and you'll be taken to a form to send through a support enquiry to our support team:

We also accept paid support requests through email, and through this support site, so you're able to use the platform you're most comfortable with.

14 August: Extended public keys (xpub) support for Bitcoin

Today we have released an update to support extended public keys (xpub) for Bitcoin.

These keys start with "xpub", and allow CryptFolio to track all of your addresses, without you having to export and import them manually into the platform. Many wallets already support exporting your xpub addresses.

However there are some additional privacy and security risks you should be aware of before adding your xpub addresses to CryptFolio. See this article for more information.

To add your xpub addresses to CryptFolio, add a new Bitcoin address to one of your portfolios, using your xpub key as the address:

3 August: Updated privacy policy

We have updated our privacy policy to include what information we will share if you choose to use one of our upcoming mobile apps. The rest of the privacy policy has not changed.

31 July: Mobile app alpha

Over the last week we've been hard at work on our upcoming CryptFolio mobile app, targeting both Android and iOS, and we're hoping to get the app out within the next month. Using our app you'll be able to manage and view your portfolio across all of your devices with a single login – across all of your mobile, tablet, and desktop devices.

If you would like to be a beta tester for the mobile app, please get in touch!

27 July: GDAX/Coinbase Pro support

Today we have added support for GDAX/Coinbase Pro accounts, allowing you to track your GDAX balances and transactions in CryptFolio.

A huge thanks to Michael L for helping us put together this integration!