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Reports on the market capitalization of cryptocurrencies and digital tokens.

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First Currency Second Currency Latest Rate Updated At
BTC USD 8,758.90 USD 1 day ago
LTC USD 62.0266 USD 1 day ago
LTC BTC 0.007081 BTC 1 day ago
ETH USD 187.3584 USD 1 day ago
ETH BTC 0.021390 BTC 1 day ago
1ST USD 0.1198 USD 1 day ago
1ST BTC 13.68e-6 BTC 1 day ago
2GIVE USD 834.17e-6 USD 6 months ago
2GIVE BTC 130.00e-9 BTC 6 months ago
ABY USD 344.92e-6 USD 4 months ago
ABY BTC 30.00e-9 BTC 4 months ago
ADA USD 0.043279 USD 1 day ago
ADA BTC 4.94e-6 BTC 1 day ago
ADT USD 0.002911 USD 1 day ago
ADT BTC 330.00e-9 BTC 1 day ago
ADX USD 0.080328 USD 1 day ago
ADX BTC 9.17e-6 BTC 1 day ago
AEON USD 0.2481 USD 1 day ago
AEON BTC 28.32e-6 BTC 1 day ago
AMP USD 0.002953 USD 1 week ago
AMP BTC 320.00e-9 BTC 1 week ago
XRP USD 0.2752 USD 1 day ago
XRP BTC 31.42e-6 BTC 1 day ago
ANT USD 0.7675 USD 1 day ago
ANT BTC 87.63e-6 BTC 1 day ago