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Reports on the market capitalization of cryptocurrencies and digital tokens.

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First Currency Second Currency Latest Rate Updated At
BTC USD 9,717.46 USD 49 mins ago
LTC USD 88.6214 USD 50 mins ago
LTC BTC 0.009140 BTC 50 mins ago
ETH USD 211.3532 USD 50 mins ago
ETH BTC 0.021798 BTC 50 mins ago
1ST USD 0.068969 USD 48 mins ago
1ST BTC 7.11e-6 BTC 48 mins ago
2GIVE USD 834.17e-6 USD 2 months ago
2GIVE BTC 130.00e-9 BTC 2 months ago
ABY USD 344.92e-6 USD 1 week ago
ABY BTC 30.00e-9 BTC 1 week ago
ADA USD 0.055947 USD 50 mins ago
ADA BTC 5.77e-6 BTC 50 mins ago
ADT USD 0.003781 USD 47 mins ago
ADT BTC 390.00e-9 BTC 47 mins ago
ADX USD 0.1055 USD 49 mins ago
ADX BTC 10.89e-6 BTC 49 mins ago
AEON USD 0.6683 USD 48 mins ago
AEON BTC 68.92e-6 BTC 48 mins ago
AMP USD 0.009137 USD 45 mins ago
AMP BTC 940.00e-9 BTC 45 mins ago
XRP USD 0.3113 USD 50 mins ago
XRP BTC 32.10e-6 BTC 50 mins ago
ANT USD 0.7683 USD 50 mins ago
ANT BTC 79.23e-6 BTC 50 mins ago