Attention Token of Media ATM

Code ATM
Title Attention Token of Media
Type Ethereum Token
Added 8 months ago
Contract Address 0x9b11efcaaa1890f6ee52c6bb7cf8153ac5d74139
Token Decimals 8
Explorers No explorers.
Traded through 4 exchanges: Bitfinex, CoinMarketCap,, HitBTC

Bitcoin BTC rates

Exchange Latest Rate Updated At
HitBTC 200.00e-9 BTC 19 mins ago Historical HitBTC ATM/BTC rates
CoinMarketCap 200.00e-9 BTC 21 mins ago Historical CoinMarketCap ATM/BTC rates
Bitfinex 5.20e-6 BTC 3 mins ago Historical Bitfinex ATM/BTC rates

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